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Create a centralized system of record for your organization

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Contracts gives you a single repository for you to record and manage all of your organization's contracts and subscriptions. In addition to SaaS contracts that Vendr helps negotiate, you can now store your non-SaaS and “No Vendr Involvement” contracts in the same place so you have one place to look for managing all of your purchases. Record key details like auto-renewal information, payment terms, and supplier contact information and sort, filter, and create custom views of all this information, to maintain compliance and stay on top of renewals.

What can Contracts unlock for your organization?

Create a centralized system of record for your organization

Contracts allows you to securely store all contracts into one organized repository. With Contracts, you’re able to extract key information to support your organization in tracking contacts and ensuring compliance.

Transform renewals from a source of stress to a driver of transformation

Contracts gives you access to all upcoming renewals and contract deadlines as well as surfacing the intricacies of each contract ensuring there are no surprises along the way. You can leverage this visibility to evaluate your stack, negotiate ahead of the due date to give you the time to get the best price upon signing and even consolidate redundant applications with additional insight from our overlapping spend report

Unlock more accurate financial reporting

Contracts give you the ability to connect contractual spend with actual spend via our financial integrations to get a complete picture of the money your organization is spending on software. Additionally, custom properties allows you to track the information within a contract that is most important to your business.

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