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What is Explore?

Vendr helps people buy and sell software with less friction-a win-win for both sides. With the introduction of Explore, we're leveling the playing field with data insights available directly in our product.

Evaluate the whole competitive landscape, make the best decision for your business, and purchase it faster.

How to Use Explore

Navigating Explore

At the top of the page, you'll see a number of different options you can use to search and filter through all the Products we keep track of:

  • Search by: Product Name

  • Filter by:

    • Product Category

    • In Use

    • Vendr+

  • Sort by:

    • Popularity

    • Price (ascending)

    • Price (descending)

    • Time to close

    • Alphabetical

Browsing Products

Once you've narrowed your results, you can explore what's out there.

Each Product card shows some basic info:

  • Product Name

  • Estimated Price range of an annualized contract for companies your size

  • A brief description of the Product

  • Applicable software categories

  • Whether or not the Product is In Use at your organization

For examplem, here we're seeing a few of the results for Products in the "Business Communication" Category:

Getting the Details

Once you've found a Product that you'd like to know more about, simply click the card to see more detail. What you see in the detail card will differ depending on whether the Product is already In Use at your organization or not.

In Use

Above, we can see that Slack is In Use from the Green Badge next to the product name. On this page you can quickly review critical information.

  • Vestimate Contract Price: Estimated Price range of an annualized contract for companies your size

  • Current Contract Value: This is pulled from the Contracts section of your Vendr account and will only be visible if you have Admin access.

  • Vest. Close Time: The average time that most contracts take to close.

  • Vest. Savings: Estimated potential savings when leveraging Vendr to assist with negotiations.

  • Vest. Market Share: The estimated percentage of the market that uses that product.

  • Stakeholders: This data is pulled from the System of Record for in-use products.

  • Compliance Data: A high level overview of the documentation & certifications that you can expect a Supplier to be able to provide for the product.

    • This data has been reviewed by a real person as of the date shown for each Product.

    • Click here for more info about our Compliance Data.

  • Disclaimer: Each Vestimate incorporates public, internal, and user-submitted data into Vendr’s proprietary algorithm while considering contextual information about your company, category, and market trends. Using these insights and data from over 20,000 completed deals, our predictive pricing estimates can help you understand what you can expect to pay based on the size of your company.

  • View Product Button: Click here to view the Product details page in your System of Record.

Not In Use

For a Product that's not already in use, you'll see a slightly different view.

  • No Contract data (because you don't have a Contract in your Vendr account)

  • No Stakeholder data (because that's not populated in your System of Record)

  • Ask a question: Click here connect with one of our experts who can help you compare and contrast different products to understand which might be the best fit for you

  • Submit request: Click here to fill out an intake form and kick off a new purchase Workflow for this Product.

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