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  • Vendr 2.0

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  • Freemium

  • Premium Intelligence

  • Premium Procurement


There are three pages in the System of Record section of your account:

  • Dashboard

  • Spend

  • Overlapping Products

Each of these pages has its own, dedicated help article, but here's a quick overview. All three of these pages are Admin-only in your account.


The Dashboard page shows you a high-level snapshot of key spend metrics aggregated from across your Vendr account.


The Reports page shows you all the Apps for which you have Transaction spend (which is spend sourced from Integrations, rather than from Contracts) in your Vendr account.

Overlapping Products

Overlapping Products shows you where you might be spending money on SaaS products that potentially do the same thing.

It's based on your Products table data.

Any Products which have the same Category (which is a default, locked/Vendr-managed Property) will show up on the Overlapping Products report.

That does not necessarily mean that these Products are duplicative, only that they might be.

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