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There are lots of different types of data in your Vendr account and a lot of different ways for that data to get into your account.

The System of Record sits in the middle of it all.

In some ways, you can think of it as a clearing house for the data in your account.

There are three pages in the System of Record section of your account:

  • Suppliers

  • Products

  • People

Each of these pages has its own, dedicated help article, but here's a quick overview. All three of these pages are Admin-only in your account.


The Suppliers page adds a critical new dynamic to Vendr's System of Record and provides a even more thorough picture of your organization's SaaS stack, associated spend, and contract renewal cadence.


The Products page shows you what Products are in use at your organization.


The People page shows you all the people in your organization, according to what the data sources you have connected to your Vendr account can see.

Statuses for Suppliers and Products

When you look at Suppliers and Products in your Vendr account, you'll see that they have an associated status. There are 5 possible statuses and they provide information about:

  • How the Supplier/Product showed up in your account

  • Whether or not there is any existing or historical Contract/Subscription spend associated with it

The statuses (and their meanings) are:

  • Active — There is an active or in effect contract, subscription or spend within the last 12 month that has been detected

  • In Review — There is an In Progress workflow and no other active spend (contract or subscription)

  • Expired — All contracts have expired and there is no active spend

  • Created — Manually entered into the system no spend, no workflows

  • Discovered — Detected and created via an integration

Status Hierarchy

Statuses have a hierarchy, so:

  • Active, In Review, and Expired all mean: “there is/has been a contract or subscription associated with this Supplier/Product at some point”

  • Created and Discovered both mean: “there has never been a contract or subscription associated with this Supplier/Product”

Therefore, once a status flips to Active / In Review / Expired, it can never flip back to Created/Discovered

Accidentally Created vs. Didn't Renew

In order to keep your system of record clean, you may be wondering what the best practice is to differentiate between a Supplier/Product that you accidentally created vs one that you simply didn't renew your contract/subscription with.

Vendr's Recommendation

Archiving removes a record from all tables, calculations, and search results in your account, so:

  • Archive any Suppliers/Products that you accidentally created

  • Leave any Suppliers/Products that you didn't renew as Expired

That way, you won't have accidental creations mucking things up, but you'll still be able to see historical data. You can always use the table filters on the Supplier and Product pages to filter out Expired records, so you have a clean view of what's Active, while still keeping those records available in your system.

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