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What are Community Insights?

Vendr's Community Insights is a living repository of buying advice directly from our community of customers and negotiation experts.

We’ve collected the best strategies from 20,000+ deals with billions of processed spend on Vendr’s platform, and new insights are rolling in every day.

Community Insights is the destination for gathering qualitative intelligence on the negotiation process. Paired with Vendr’s quantitative data in Explore, you have everything you need to know about the suppliers you’re working with.

Where do I find them?

You can access Community Insights in two ways:

  1. Go directly to the Community Insights page:

  2. Click the Check it out button in the Community Insights box on your Home page

How does it work?

Access a feed of recent insights that’s searchable by product or company. React to those that are most helpful to surface them for others. We’ll highlight insights relevant to your active workflows and upcoming renewals so you never miss a thing.

Insights have been backfilled from negotiations in the past year for our top 100 suppliers, but coverage is always expanding thanks to the hard work of our SaaS consultants!

What features can I use?

View buying and negotiation insights about Suppliers via the Community page

Filter by Supplier or Product name

Submit your own insights about a Product or Supplier

React to insights: highlight which ones are interesting, worked for you, or didn’t work

Insights relevant to a your stack (ie., Suppliers with upcoming renewals or active Workflows) are highlighted in the feed

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