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Automatically sync all of your Gusto users into Vendr.

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Premium Procurement

Estimated time: Less than 5 mins

About this article

Automatically provision and de-provision users in Vendr using Gusto. This article covers installing the integration.

How it works

The Gusto integration syncs your Gusto users into Vendr in just a few clicks. Connecting Vendr to your Gusto instance lets you quickly deploy Vendr across your entire organization. Whenever a user is added or leaves your organization, they'll automatically be added or removed from your Vendr organization.


Common uses of the Gusto integration

Automatically provide access to Vendr to all of your employees

Provide access to Vendr in a few clicks and keep those users in sync with your Gusto directory.

Sync key employee details

Effortlessly sync key employee details such as Name, Email, Title, and Manager from Gusto to Vendr with just a few clicks.

Assign approval steps in procurement requests to an employee's manager.

Streamline the approval process by ensuring tasks are routed to the appropriate stakeholders for review.


  • Must be a Vendr admin

  • Must be a Gusto admin

  • Do not have an Identity Provider integration already installed in your Vendr organization


You can only connect an HR integration or an Identity Provider. You cannot have both connected at the same time. If you already have an identity provider like Okta, we recommend you connect your identity provider instead of your HR system for the most flexible user management experience.

Install the integration

  1. Navigate to Vendr and then select admin and then all integrations

  2. Select Gusto from the HR Information Systems.

  3. Click Integrate and then press Continue after reviewing the data that Vendr will have access to

  4. Enter your Gusto credentials (Admin UserID & Password), then click Submit.

  5. Click Finish Setup.

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! Your integration is now connected.


Vendr only accesses the following data from your Microsoft 365 organization.

πŸ‘οΈ Vendr will be able to view:

  • Data about your employees

  • Data about your employee's employment

  • Data about your teams

  • Data about your groups

🫳 Vendr will be able to do:

  • Nothing

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