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Overlapping Products shows you where you might be spending money on SaaS products that potentially do the same thing.

It's based on your Products table data.

Any Products which have the same Category (which is a default, locked/Vendr-managed Property) will show up on the Overlapping Products report.

Note: Other criteria, for example, whether or not one Product has a Contract associated with it while another doesn't, has no bearing on how the Overlapping Products table gets generated.

If two Products:

  • are on your Products table

  • and have the same Category

They'll show on the Overlapping Products table.

No other criteria is relevant.

That does not necessarily mean that these Products are duplicative, only that they might be.

For example, your engineering department might use Notion while your marketing department uses Coda - this is probably duplicative product use / spend.

But your marketing department might run paid ads on both Facebook and LinkedIn - these would show up on the Overlapping Products report, but are likely not duplicative product use / spend.

Overlapping Products Table

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