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  • Vendr 2.0

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  • Freemium

  • Premium Intelligence

  • Premium Procurement


The User Access page is where you'll go to add, edit, or remove administrative users to and from your Vendr account.

All Admins are Equal!

Just a heads-up, there are currently only two user profiles available:

  • Guest

  • Admin

Guest users have very limited permissions and basically only see things specifically assigned to them (eg., a task in a Workflow).

Admin users have full permissions across your entire account.​

Adding an administrative user to your account

To add an admin user to your account, first you must already be an admin yourself.

Step 1

Go to the User Access page, and click Add user in the top right corner.

Step 2

Enter the person's email in the search bar, and choose Admin as their role

Step 3

Once you click "Add", that person will be listed on the User Access page and will have administrative access in your Vendr account. (They'll get an email with a link inviting them to login.)

What's different? Administrative vs Guest user

Guest users:

Guest users have access to two sections:

  • Home - From home a user can kick off a new purchase process and see pending deals and tasks.

  • Vendr+ - From Vendr+ a user can see their organization's Vendr+ balance and learn more about the program. Please reach out to your CSM with additional questions about Vendr+.

Guest user view:

Administrative users:

Administrative users have access to everything in your account.​


Administrative user view:

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