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Vendr's integrations provide you the ability to bring useful data in from the other tools that your organization relies on. This data can give you deeper visibility to your spend, your SaaS stack and in some cases, the people using those products.

With the introduction of our integration for Slack, you can now also send information out. Ensure that your teams get relevant notifications in the place where they are often spending the most time anyway. This can increase responsiveness and decrease time to close.

Types of Integrations

Identity Provider (IdP)

Connecting an IdP or SSO integration does not activate SSO login for your organization

  • Connect integration = import data from SSO provider (apps, people, and some usage data)

  • Configure SSO = allow or require users to log into Vendr via SSO

SSO providers offer useful information about which people in your organization are using which products.

Vendr will integrate your SSO access logs with your Vendr products and people to provide visibility to software you may not even be aware is in use by your organization as well as some visibility into who is using them.

Accounting & Finance

Vendr can intake and reconcile financial transactions from many different data sources and match it to your apps and provide a holistic view of your organization's SaaS spend.

Vendr is focused on sourcing SaaS related transactions only, and data access permission for some accounting systems can be customized.

In the event that your particular accounting system is not yet supported, we can incorporate data from uploaded CSV files or from supported credit cards.

HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

Many organizations use their HRIS as the source of truth for people, teams, and managers.

Vendr can replicate that source of truth for you, allowing you to include the correct stakeholders in your SaaS Buying processes, as well as manage your organization's SaaS sprawl without the labor of maintaining separate employee records.

Assign to Workflow Initiator's Manager

Because Vendr's HRIS integrations automatically sync a person's Manager, when you assign a Workflow Step to Workflow Initiator's Manager, if that manager relationship is changed in your HRIS, that step in the Workflow will continue to get assigned to the correct person (ie, the new manager) without requiring any manual updating of the Workflow.


Most companies today are leveraging internal communication tools to streamline collaboration and the sharing of information.

With our new integration for Slack you can feed renewal notifications and workflow task reminders directly to your relevant stakeholders in slack.

Security & Privacy

  • Have a specific security question?

  • Need Vendr to complete a security questionnaire?

  • Need documentation (eg., Vendr's SOC 2 Type 2 report)?

Please reach out to our Security team by emailing us at: [email protected].

If you've got a question about any of the permissions needed for any of our integrations, please see our Integration Setup Guides.

Navigating to Integrations

  1. Log into Vendr

  2. Click Admin near the bottom left corner of the screen

  3. Click Integrations from the contextual menu

My Integrations

The My Integrations page shows you which integrations you currently have connected. From here you can manage, modify and remove an integration. This is also where you will be alerted if there is an error in connecting.

Available Integrations

The Available Integrations page shows you all integrations that have not yet been connected. Click the Add button on the lower right corner of the integration card to begin the connection process.

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