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Subscriptions vs. Contracts

Both Contracts and Subscriptions are agreements for purchasing software.

Contracts are formal agreements between a customer and a software provider that typically have a defined start and end, and usually contain more extensive provisions for security, legal, and finance.

Contracts are typically vetted, negotiated, and purchased through a defined procurement process.

A subscription is a lighter-weight agreement that allows customers to use the provisioned software on a month-to-month basis. SaaS subscriptions are typically purchased as “click-through” license agreements by individual employees on personal credit cards.

How do I track my Subscriptions in my Vendr account?

Subscriptions live on the Contracts page.

By default, they are commingled with Contracts on the All Contracts tab:

  • Contracts are numbered using the C-### convention

  • Subscriptions are numbered using the S-### convention

if you'd like to see only Contracts or only Subscriptions, you've got two options:

  • Filter by Type

  • Create a custom filtered view for Subscriptions

Filter by Type

Filters on Locked Default Tabs

Filters on locked, default tabs are temporary. If you want a persistent filter, first create a new tab, then set the filter(s) you want, and save changes (see instructions below).

On the All Contracts tab, use the Filter dropdown to filter by: [Type] [is one of] [Subscription]

Create a custom filtered view for Subscriptions:

  1. Click the [...] and then click Add a custom view.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to Unsaved view and click Edit details.

  3. Enter Subscriptions as the name, then click Save changes.

  4. Filter by Type [is one of] [Subscription].

  5. Click Save changes.

How do I add a Subscription?

Step 1

On the Contracts page, click Add Contract.

Step 2

Click Subscription.

Step 3

Enter the details of the subscription and click Create.

  • Product

  • Start date

  • Billing frequency

  • Billing amount

  • Subscription owners

  • Documents (optional)

Step 4

The Subscription will be created and you'll be taken to the details view for it.

How do I add multiple Subscriptions in bulk?

Step 1

On the Contracts page, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Add contract button and select Upload via CSV.

Step 2

Click Subscription.

Step 3

You've got 2 options:

  • Upload data from file - use this option if you need to upload a lot

  • Manually enter data in table - use this option if you only need to upload a few

    • Note: columns with asterisks are required

Upload data from file

  1. Click Upload data from file.

  2. Choose a file to upload (must be .csv, .tsv, or .txt format).

  3. Choose whether or not your uploaded file has a header row.

  4. Confirm mapping or Ignore this column for each column in your spreadsheet.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Review when ready.

  6. Make any repairs to incorrect/non-matching data, then click Upload to Vendr.

Manually enter data in table

  1. Enter the required data:

    • Product (required) - Ensure the name matches a Product in Vendr's catalog

    • Start Date (required) - format must be YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YYYY

    • Billing Amount (USD) (required) - note, this will be USD

    • Billing Frequency (required) - Monthly or Annual

    • Owner (required) - must be someone on the People page in your Vendr account

    • Additional Owner 1 (optional)

    • Additional Owner 2 (optional)

    • Additional Owner 3 (optional)

    • Additional Owner 4 (optional)

  2. Click Upload to Vendr.

General Notes / FAQ

  • Because Subscriptions live in the Contracts section of your Vendr account, any Custom Contract Properties you've created can be tracked for Subscriptions as well

  • If you’re planning to upgrade from a Subscription to a formal Contract:

    • Start a New Purchase Workflow for the same Product.

    • When that Workflow completes and you’ve signed the new Contract, update the Subscription to Marked as Cancelled and set the End Date for the last day you were billed for the Subscription.

  • When you look at a Supplier, you'll see Subscriptions listed in the Contracts section:

    • Contracts are numbered using the C-### convention

    • Subscriptions are numbered using the S-### convention

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