How to Access Contracts

This article covers navigating and customizing the Contracts list page.

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  • Vendr 2.0

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  • Freemium

  • Premium Intelligence

  • Premium Procurement

Guest Users

As a Guest user, your access to Contracts is limited to:

  • See and edit Contracts you own

  • Renew Contracts you own

  • Create new Contracts

Guest users cannot see or edit Contracts if they are not the designated owners.

When you login to your account, you'll see your Contracts on your Home page.

Admin Users

Admin users have the same access to Contracts on their Home page as Guests (see above), as well as an entire separate (admin-only) page titled "Contracts", where you can:

  • See and edit all Contracts

  • Renew any Contract

  • Create new Contracts

Standard Views

On the Contracts page, there are two default views:

  • Current contracts

  • Upcoming renewals

These two views are standard and the columns on the table cannot be changed.

You can use the search and filters to quickly find a particular Contract, or set of Contracts, but the filters will reset after you've navigated away from this page (see more in the "Filters" section, below).

Custom Views

In addition to the standard views, you can also create custom views by customizing the visible columns and filters.

Configure Your Columns

  1. From the Contract page, click the Columns icon on the top right side of the table

  2. In the pop up window, you can select, de-select, and re-order the desired fields as needed

  3. Click Apply

  4. Click the Save button

  5. optional: Click the caret icon next to the view name to duplicate, delete, or edit

Any customization you make to the view will not be saved unless you save it as a custom view.

Customizing Filters

There are a variety of data filters you can use to customize and create convenient views allowing you the ability to find the contracts you are looking for quickly.

Just like with columns, be sure to save any customizations you make if you intend to revisit that view again.

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