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  • Vendr 2.0

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  • Freemium

  • Premium Intelligence

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Admin Users

  1. Login to your Vendr account

  2. Go to the Contracts Page and click on the "Add contract" button

  3. Fill out all the relevant contract details

    • If the contract is with a 3rd-party seller, please see the note below for extra detail you'll want to be aware of.

  4. Toggle the "Create renewal deal" slider On or Off

    • On - this will launch a renewal deal

    • Off - this will not launch a renewal deal

  5. Click "Create contract"

Contracts with Third Party Sellers

The default relationship between Products and Suppliers in Vendr's SaaS Catalog is that the Supplier is the company who makes the Product.

When adding a new Contract, the default assumption is that you're buying the Product from the company that makes that Product, so the default outcome is that the Supplier for the Contract is automatically listed as whichever company is listed in Vendr's Catalog as the Supplier for that Product.

In the case of Third Party Sellers, however, you're not buying the Product from the company who makes it, you're buying it from a different company.

Therefore, when adding a new Contract, if you toggle the This contract is with a third party seller button [on], the outcome is that the Supplier for the Contract will be shown as that Third Party Seller.

Note: This will not override the Supplier for the Product when looking at the Product Overview page; this is only related to the Contract details - ie., "Who is this Contract with?"

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