How to Access Workflows
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  • Vendr 2.0

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  • Free Forever

  • Premium Intelligence

  • Premium Procurement

Guest Users

As a Guest user, your access to Workflows is limited to:

  • Launching a Workflow

  • Being assigned a task as part of a workflow

When you login to your account, you'll see a large [+] button in the middle of your Home page that says "Start new request" (under the heading "My requests").

Clicking this "Start new request" button will allow you to kickoff any of the Workflows you have access to in your account.

Admin Users

Admin users have the same access to Workflows on their Home page as Guests (see above), as well as an entire separate (admin-only) page titled "Workflows", where you can:

  • Launch a Workflow

  • See all existing Workflows (both Active and Completed)

  • Manage your Workflows

    • Edit existing Workflow templates

    • Create new Workflow templates

How to Access the Workflows page (admin users only)

  1. Login to your Vendr account

  2. Click on "Workflows" in the main menu on the left side of the screen

  3. On the Workflows page, you'll see two tabs: Requests & Manage Workflows

Manage Workflows

Manage Workflows is where you'll go to create and edit Workflow Plans. For more on that, please see the Create & Edit a Workflow Plan help article.


On the Requests tab, you can See a list of all your Workflows (Active and Completed), plus key info:

  • "Title" - which Product the Workflow is associated with

  • "Current Step" - what step of the process each Workflow is at

  • "Assigned To" - which person in your company is assigned to that step

  • "Due Date" - when the Workflow needs to be completed

Search & Filter to quickly find what you need

Click into any of the Workflows for more detail

Start a Workflow

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