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Create & Edit a Workflow Plan
Create & Edit a Workflow Plan
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Admin User

Creating and Editing Workflow Plans requires Admin Access in your Vendr account.

Best Practice!

When editing a Workflow Plan, best practice is to:

  1. Duplicate the current, published Workflow Plan.

  2. Edit the new duplicate, unpublished Workflow Plan.

  3. When you're satisfied with the new Workflow Plan, Publish it.

  4. Don't forget to Un-publish the old Workflow Plan (and Archive it, if you so choose).

    • Un-publishing / Archiving a Workflow Plan will not affect any active Workflows that were launched from that plan.

This way, if you make a mistake or simply make a lot of changes, you haven't messed up the plan that's currently published.


Manage Workflows Tab

To Create and Edit Workflow Plans, go to the "Manage Workflows" tab of the Workflows page.

We've pre-populated your account with two default Workflows Plans:

  • New Purchase (SaaS)

  • Renewal (SaaS)

  • Other - does not require a product; does not result in a contract (used for procurement-adjacent processes)

The 2 Parts of a Workflow Plan

Workflow Plans consist of two parts:

  • Intake - the questions you'll require the workflow initiator to answer

  • Workflow - the process diagram

When editing or creating a Workflow Plan, you can edit either the Intake, the Workflow, or both

Edit Existing Workflow Plans

  1. Go to the "Manage Workflows" tab of the Workflows page and click into any of the existing Workflow Plan cards; you'll be brought to the Workflow tab

  2. Click on any of the steps in the workflow, then add/edit any aspect of that step using the sidebar that pops out on the right of the screen

  3. You can also fully add/delete new steps in the process

    1. Add

    2. Delete

  4. If you click over to the Intake tab, you can add/edit/delete any of the questions there

  5. Make sure to Save and Publish your changes before navigating away from the page (you'll see a warning if you try to leave without saving

Create New Workflow Plans

  1. Go to the "Manage Workflows" tab of the Workflows page and click the "Build new workflow plan" button

  2. Decide if you want to start with a blank template, or use one of Vendr's out of the box templates - ie., "New Purchase (SaaS)" or "Renewal (SaaS)"

    • Vendr's Involvement: Currently, if you want Vendr's involvement in a Workflow that is launched from a Workflow Plan you create, you'll need to start with one of the pre-built templates.

    • Those templates are absolutely still editable and customizable -- you just can't get Vendr's involvement in a workflow if you start with the "Create from Scratch" option.

    • Steps 3 - 5: Whether you use a pre-built template or create from scratch, the remaining steps for creating a Workflow Plan are essentially the same.

  3. Add/edit/delete the steps in the Workflow process

    1. Add

    2. Edit

    3. Delete

  4. Add/edit/delete the Intake questions

  5. Save your changes and Publish the Workflow Plan (if you try to leave without saving, you'll get a warning)

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