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What are Assignee Groups?

Assignee groups are a group of individuals that workflow steps can be assigned to.

For example, if you would like to assign Legal steps to a legal team, or IT steps to your IT department, an assignee group can house these individuals and allow for anyone within the group to complete that step.

Where do I see all assignee groups?

Assignee groups are viewed by clicking on Workflows on the lefthand side of the page, then clicking on the Assignee Groups tab. Assignee groups can be filtered alphabetically by clicking on the carets near Name.

How do I create an Assignee Group?

Assignees must be People

Note: Assignees must be individuals who are already listed on the People page in your Vendr account.

Before you begin, make sure all the Assignees you want to add to the Group are already listed on your People page, otherwise you'll have to create the Group, go add the People, then come back and finish adding Assignees.

  1. On the Assignee Groups page, click Create Assignee Group.

  2. Enter the Name and the Assignees that you'd like to have within the group. Adding a description is optional.

  3. Click create. This will then bring you to the Assignee Group.

How do I add/remove people from an Assignee Group?

  1. Click into the group that you'd like to add or remove people from.

  2. To add a user, click on the Add person text field and insert the name of the user you'd like to add.

  3. To remove a user, click on the three dots near their name, then click Remove.

How do I edit or delete an Assignee Group?


If you'd like to edit the name or description of an assignee group, you would want to click into the Assignee group you'd like to edit, then click the three dots on the upper righthand side of the page. Once you've selected that, click Edit.


If you'd like to delete an Assignee group, you would want to click again on the three dots on the upper righthand side of the page, then select Remove.

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