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Getting Started with Vendr (Guest Users)
Getting Started with Vendr (Guest Users)
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What is Vendr?

The Vendr platform revolutionizes the way businesses manage software procurement. Workflows streamline and simplify the procurement process and vendor negotiations.

In our new portal, we also grant powerful insights into SaaS redundancies and cost saving opportunities.

Accessing the Vendr Platform

  1. You will receive an email notification prompting you to sign in for the first time after your account is provisioned by your Vendr administrator.

  2. Bookmark the page in order to log in once your account has been set up.

Unable to Login?

If you are unable to access Vendr, please contact Support.

Navigating Vendr

Note that the above image represents one example of the Vendr home screen. You may have different options depending on the specific permissions assigned to you by your organization.

  1. Navigation Panel - Allows user to move to different sections of the Vendr platform

  2. Help Link - Access the Vendr Support Help Center, start a chat, or email the Support team. From here you can also submit and vote for feature ideas and check on Vendr Status.

  3. My Open Tasks - Displays items you need to review (Approvals, Reviews, etc.)

  4. My Contracts - View contracts owned by you, begin SaaS Renewal requests

  5. My Requests - Shows your open new purchase and renewal requests

  6. Start New Purchase - Click to begin the request process for a new SaaS purchase

  7. Community Insights - A continually updating repository of strategies and buying advice collected from over 20,000 deals

Requesting A New SaaS Application

Use this process to request a new SaaS purchase.

  1. From your Vendr home screen, click Start a New Purchase.

  2. Vendr asks the type of request to initiate. If your organization has created multiple Workflow Plans (ie: Consultant Requests, Managed Services, Non-SaaS, etc.)

    This step will only appear if your organization has created multiple Workflow Plans for New Purchases. Otherwise, skip to Step 3.

  3. Vendr asks for the products being requested. Provide the product name(s), and complete the required questions as necessary. Note that the questions asked at your organization may be different than those pictured.

    Important❗ Products entered through the “Add New Product” prompt are assumed to not be SaaS applications and will therefore not be eligible for Vendr involvement during the negotiation process (see “Choosing Vendr Negotiation Strategy'' section below).

    • If you require a SaaS product that is not listed, please reach out to your Vendr CSM for assistance.

  4. Once all required information has been provided, click the “Submit” button to finalize your request.

  5. After completing the submission, the new request will appear on the Vendr homepage in the “My Requests'' section. Click the request at any time to review details or track progress in the workflow.

Initiating A SaaS Renewal

Use this process when renewing an existing SaaS application’s contract.

  1. A Contract Owner will receive notifications of upcoming renewals automatically both via email as well as in the “My Contracts'' section of the Vendr homepage. By default, contracts will appear 120 days before their renewal date. This setting can be configured by your Vendr Administrator if needed. See this Help Center article for more information on configuring renewal reminders.

  2. On the Contracts Overview page, click “Start Renewal Workflow”. You may also choose “Will Not Renew” to allow a contract to expire and forgo renewal, or “Renewal Completed” if the renewal has already been completed elsewhere.

  3. Vendr automatically populates the product you’re renewing. Complete all questions, attach supporting documentation as necessary, then click” Submit Request” to complete your renewal request.

Common Tasks FAQ:

Throughout the workflow process, there may be various tasks requiring completion before the purchase/renewal can be finalized.

A partial listing of the most common task types users may encounter is provided below.

Adding Comments To A Task

Many different task types will allow users the ability to add Comments to the task.

To add a comment, click into the “Add a comment” field near the bottom of the task page and enter desired commentary.

Note that you can also use @colleague’s_name to tag them and bring them into the workflow. Tagged individuals will receive an email notification (sent from [email protected]) which will bring them directly to the relevant task. For in-depth information regarding notifications, please visit the Help Center Article on Workflow Notifications.

If you are working with a Vendr SaaS Consultant as part of the negotiation, you MUST tag @Vendr to your comment to notify them! Comments without a tag may not alert your Consultant!

Managing Workflow Reviews and Approvals

When a request has been submitted for your approval, you will be notified both in the Vendr app in the “My open tasks'' section as well as through an email notification. Notices for Approval Tasks may also be received in Slack if the Slack integration has been configured for your organization.

Clicking on either notification will bring you to the review screen. Review the information provided by the Requestor and choose the Approve or Decline button as necessary.
Declining an approval will result in the workflow being terminated.

If desired, you may also click on the “Workflow” tab at the top of the review screen to view the entire workflow plan and see what steps have been completed and what is yet to come.

You may also encounter steps which require a review before being marked as complete, but which do not require a specific Approval. For such tasks, review the information and click “Mark Complete” to continue the workflow.

Slack notifications are specific to Approvals and will not trigger for these types of tasks.

Choosing Vendr Negotiation Strategy

Upon reaching a Negotiation Strategy step, you must choose the level of involvement Vendr’s professional SaaS Consultants will take in the deal.

Strategy Option

How is Vendr Involved


Supplier-Facing Negotiation

High Involvement

A Vendr SaaS Consultant manages this purchase from negotiations through contract completion directly with the supplier on the customer’s behalf.

  • Purchase amount over $5,000

  • Minimum 15 business days prior to purchase deadline

  • Product must not have been added as “Add New Product” in the initial request process (see step 3 of “Requesting A New SaaS Application” above)

Background Support

Medium Involvement

You negotiate directly with the supplier and manage the contract process through to completion.

Vendr SaaS Consultants guide you through negotiations with supplier-specific insights and strategy behind the scenes.

Vendr provides step-by-step instructions alongside the negotiation recommendations.

  • Purchase amount over $5,000

No Vendr Involvement

No Vendr Involvement

You take all responsibility for negotiation. Vendr SaaS Consultants will not advise on the deal, nor engage with the supplier.

  • N/A

Uploading and Attaching Documents

Many steps within a workflow may request or require documentation to be attached in order to proceed. Files can be uploaded to their corresponding fields by dragging and dropping from your computer or by browsing to the file.

Note that when working with a Vendr SaaS Consultant (as with Supplier-Facing Negotiation or Background Support), they will add documentation to this step. However, once they have done so, if additional redlining or supplemental documentation is required, these additional steps must be completed by the customer.

Saving Agreement Details

At the conclusion of a workflow plan, the final step will be a Save Agreement Details step. Upon reaching this step, you will have the option to finalize with a Contract or a Subscription. The key differences and details are described below.

This step will be assigned to your Vendr SaaS Consultant if you selected Supplier-Facing Negotiation or Background Support for your Negotiation Strategy.

If No Vendr Involvement was selected, this step will be assigned to the customer.

Saving Agreement Details - Contracts

Contracts are typically vetted, negotiated, and purchased through an established set process outlined in the Workflow Plan.

Upon reaching this step, make sure to populate all fields with the relevant contract information to ensure proper data flow to the Contract Repository.

When working with Third Party Sellers, there may be additional information that can be helpful to be aware of for future reference. For detailed information, please visit the Help Center article on Adding New Contracts With Third Party Sellers.

Saving Agreement Details - Subscriptions

A Subscription is a lighter-weight agreement that allows customers to use the provisioned software on a month-to-month basis. SaaS subscriptions are typically purchased as “click-through” license agreements by individual employees on personal credit cards.

Ensuring that both Subscriptions and Contracts are being captured in Vendr will ensure you are gaining the most complete picture of your organization’s expected spend.

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