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Logging In To Your Vendr Account
Logging In To Your Vendr Account
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To log in to your Vendr account, go to the Vendr login page at

There are three different methods for logging in:

If you are unsure which method your organization uses, please speak with your Vendr Administrator.

Logging In With Your Email Address

  • From the prompt, enter your email address where indicated then click Log In

  • A message will appear telling you to Check your email for a one-time log in link

  • Go to your email account to find the message from [email protected]

  • Click the Sign in button to be redirected to your Vendr home screen

Note that the emailed Sign In link will expire 2 hours after it was sent. If it has expired, simply repeat the process above to generate a new email and sign in link.

Logging In Using Google credentials

  • From the login screen, ignore the email address field and instead click the Login With Google link below the button

  • You’ll be prompted to select the Google account you wish to use for login.

  • Select your preferred account and you'll be automatically logged in to the Vendr home screen

Logging In Using SSO

Note: If your organization uses Google for single sign on purposes, use the Logging In Using Google Credentials process above.

  • Enter your work email address in the prompted field and click the Log in button.

  • You will be redirected to your normal single sign on authorization process

    ❗Note that while this screenshot shows using Okta as the SSO provider, your organization may use a different service and so your login may look different

  • Complete your sign in and you will be automatically redirected and logged into the Vendr home screen

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