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Adding A User To Your Vendr Account
Adding A User To Your Vendr Account
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You must have Admin User permissions in order to add new users.


When adding a new user, there are two steps to complete:

  1. Add the Person Record to the Vendr System of Record

  2. Set the user's role and send the invitation

Please read on for step by step instructions for how to add new users. Alternately, the following video will also explain the steps to accomplishing this task:

Adding a user to the System of Record

  1. From the Vendr homescreen, navigate to System of Record in the left-hand sidebar

  2. Click People near the top of the screen

  3. Click the Add Person button near the upper right
    ❗Users can also be added in bulk by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the button and choosing to upload a CSV file (help article coming soon)

  4. Fill in the Email Address, Full Name, and Account Type fields then click Create Person
    ❗There are four different Account Type options: Contractor, Employee, Service Account, and Unknown. These fields have no mechanical differences and are provided solely to allow easier sorting of users in your System of Record

Now that the Person Record is created in the System of Record, you must set the user's role and send their email invitation.

Setting User Role and sending the Vendr invitation

There are two options for user types: Guest and Admin. Guests are limited to viewing the Home, Explore, and Vendr+ sections of the platform. Admin users will have unrestricted access to all parts of your Vendr platform.

  1. From the Vendr homescreen, click the Admin option near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar

  2. Click User Access in the pop-up

  3. Click the Invite User button near the upper right

  4. Search for the Name of the person you want to invite and select the Role you wish to grant them

  5. Click Add

  6. The user will receive an email from [email protected] with their login link to access Vendr

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