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What is Vendr's SaaS Advisory?

Vendr's SaaS Advisory is a real-time chat with live agents who can provide easily accessible data, insights, and playbooks, as well as connect you with SaaS Consultants for strategic advice and complex deals.

The primary job of the SaaS Advisory is to provide the background expertise necessary to help you effectively negotiate the best possible price on an intended SaaS purchase.


Vendr's SaaS Advisory service is available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm EST. With one click, you’ll have access to real-time chat with real SaaS Experts who offer readily available data, insights, and playbooks.

When to leverage SaaS Advisory

Validate Pricing

Use Case: Urgent timing, typically reserved for contracts that have already been negotiated, and a quick review is needed to confirm how your pricing stacks up against our dataset.

Deliverable: Benchmarks delivered in chat & Buyer Guide when available

Estimated Timing: Same day

What we need: Supplier, scope, and price

Contract Analysis

Use Case: Comprehensive analysis of your contract or proposal paired with strategic guidance based on your specific negotiation scenario.

Deliverable: Contract Analysis, curated by category specialists, inclusive of benchmarks, tailored insights & positioning, strategic recommendations, and ghostwritten emails

Estimated Timing: 2 business days

What we need: Contract or proposal & context to determine your negotiation scenario

Meet with a SaaS Expert

Use Case: For those who simply prefer to hop on a call with an expert, typically leveraged for new purchases and complex renewal scenarios.

Deliverable: Strategic meeting with SaaS Expert, who will use the context gathered to deliver a comprehensive Contract Analysis, or negotiate directly with the supplier on your behalf.

Estimated Timing: 2 business days

What we need: 20-minute meeting & proposal or contract

Get Competitive Bids

Use Case: Leveraging a competitive quote is the most effective way to achieve the best price. This should be used for all new purchases, whenever you’re exploring alternatives to current solutions, and to gain leverage in your renewal negotiations.

Deliverable: Vendr will help you understand the major players in the category and help to secure competitive pricing

Estimated Timing: 2 business days

What we need: 20-minute meeting & proposal or contract

Where do I find SaaS Advisory?

SaaS Advisory can be accessed by clicking SaaS Advisory in the left-hand menu.

How does SaaS Advisory work?

  1. Click the SaaS Advisory option on the lefthand menu under Intelligence.

  2. This will then open the chat widget on the bottom righthand side of the screen and bring you to messages tab.

    1. You will be brought to your existing/historical conversations when you first open up the chat widget.

    2. If you want to open an existing conversation, find the conversation in the list that you would want to open and click it.

  3. If you'd like to start a new conversation, click on Chat with us on the bottom of the chat widget.

  4. Click on the I'd like to chat with a SaaS Consultant option in the chat widget.

Attach a Document

You can attach multiple documents to any chat by clicking the paperclip icon next to the message prompt or dragging a document into the chat.

SaaS Advisors will receive these documents and can attach their own documents to send back to the you - for example, to send back a customized playbook that was requested.

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