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What is the Workflow Overview page?

The new Workflow Overview page will give users a detailed overview of a workflow, from being able to see the complete workflow plan, summary, assigned steps, and other parts of the workflow all from one page.

Where do I find the Workflow Overview page?

The new workflow overview page would be viewable on any workflow when clicked into. Clicking on the Workflows tab then into a workflow would bring a user to the Workflow overview page.

How does the new Workflow Overview page work?

The Workflow Overview page will allow users to view everything about a workflow without having to click into individual steps.

Users would be able to view and complete the steps assigned to them on this page.

Users can also view comments from the workflow as a whole, not just the comments from one step. Comments are listed chronologically.

All documents uploaded to the workflow are also viewable on the new Workflow Overview page, which are listed chronologically. The file name, upload time, step it was uploaded to, as well as the user who uploaded it will be viewable.

Additionally, document types are now available to clearly define what type of document has been uploaded, from contracts to security reports. A list of documents will be available for users to pick from. More document types can be added by going to the Admin page, then viewing Document Types.

If a workflow has conditionals, users would only view the chosen path for that workflow.

If the selected supplier has a Buyer Guide or community insights associated with it, they will be viewable on the workflow page. Users would be able to add their own insights on this page as well.

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