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How do I submit a feature request?
How do I submit a feature request?
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  1. Login to your Vendr account

  2. Click "Help" in bottom right of navigation

  3. Click +Submit Idea in the top right

  4. In the window that pops up...

    1. Describe the functionality you're looking for

    2. Choose the level of importance

    3. Enter your email

    4. Click Submit

Why submit a feature request via the app?

When you submit a feature request via the portal (as opposed to sending it to Support or your Customer Success Manager), there are two key benefits:

  1. It goes directly to our Product team and into the tool they use to identify, manage, and prioritize which features get worked on next - the more they see a desire for a particular feature, the more it gets prioritized.

  2. It lets us keep track of who asked for a particular feature so that, whenever that feature gets released, we can come back and automatically notify everyone who asked for it.

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