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Keep your team up to date on each step of your procurement process through Slack.

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About this Article

Get reminders and important notifications about your procurement process through Slack. This article covers installing and configuring the Slack integration.

How it works

The Slack integration allows you to receive notifications and approve tasks directly from Slack. You can have Slack notifications sent directly to users and or to a shared Slack channel. When the Slack integration is installed users will be able to select their default notification preferences. Learn more about notifications.

Common uses of the Slack integration

Centralize procurement communication and updates through Slack channels

Centralize all procurement-related communications such as reminders, request updates, comments, and task notifications in a designated Slack channel for enhanced monitoring and visibility.

Get notified of mentions and comments

Receive instant notifications in Slack when someone @mentions you or adds a new comment in a workflow, ensuring you stay informed and responsive.

View and complete tasks in Slack

Manage your workflow directly from Slack. Receive notifications when assigned a task, review the details, and approve or decline steps without leaving Slack.

Stay up to date on renewals

Keep on top of contract renewals with timely Slack notifications. Receive instant and or monthly reminders to initiate the renewal process, ensuring no renewal is missed.


To centralize your procurement notifications in Slack you will:


  • Must be a Vendr admin

  • Must be a Slack admin

Install the integration

  1. Navigate to admin and select all integrations

  2. Look for the Slack integration under Messaging

  3. Click add and begin authentication to install the integration

  4. Select which Slack Workspace you'd like to connect to Vendr and click Allow to grant Vendr permission to your workspace. If you’re not already signed into Slack, sign into the Slack Workspace you want to connect

🎉 Congrats! Your integration is now connected.


If you do not have an IdP or HRIS integration installed you can turn on the sync user toggle to push users from Slack to Vendr for use in workflows.

By default, Slack notifications are enabled for all users. Users can enable or disable Slack notifications for their account from the notifications page.

Configure Channel Notifications (Optional)

In addition to sending direct messages to users, you can also configure a Slack channel for notifications to be sent to:

  • Go to the Slack integration

  • Click the Configuration tab and select the Slack channel from the Slack Channel dropdown you would like notifications to be sent to

To send notifications to a private channel simply add the Vendr Slack bot to the channel through Slack and then select the channel from the configuration page in Vendr.

Configure Summary Notifications

The Slack integration can also send monthly renewal summaries to your configured Slack channel and mention specific users in the message to notify them.

  1. Navigate to the admin and then general settings

  2. Enable the Opt-in to Slack summaries toggle

  3. (Optional) Add any users that you would like to notify when the summary is sent


Installing the integration will grant Vendr the following permissions to your Slack account.

👁️ Vendr will be able to view:

  • Data about your channels

  • Data about your people in a workspace

🫳 Vendr will be able to do:

  • Join channels

  • Manage channels

  • Send channel messages

  • Send private messages

API Scopes

Scope: channels:join

Description: Join public channels in a workspace

Reason: So the Vendr app can send automated messages in the customer's selected Slack channel whenever there's an update in Vendr's platform.

Scope: channels:manage

Description: Manage public channels that Vendr has been added to and create new ones

Reason: So the Vendr app can automatically join and leave channels that notifications want to be sent to, as selected and configured by the user in our platform.

Scope: channels:read

Description: View basic information about public channels in a workspace

Reason: So customers can select which channels to send messages to, and configure what gets sent where.

Scope: chat:write

Description: Send messages as @Vendr

Reason: We need this to send the Vendr platform updates (ie., during the purchasing workflow) as channel messages and DMs to people who are assigned certain tasks.

Scope: groups:read

Description: View basic information about private channels that Vendr has been added to

Reason: So the Vendr App can send automated messages into the customer's selected Slack channel, including a private channel if that's the customer's preference, whenever an update in Vendr's platform happens.

Scope: im:write

Description: Start direct messages with people

Reason: So the Vendr app can send notifications as DMs whenever a specific user has been assigned to a particular task within a procurement workflow.

Scope: users:read

Description: View people in a workspace

Reason: So the Vendr app can send notifications and messages that tag workflow task assignees.


Description: View email addresses of people in a workspace

Reason: So we can associate users between email addresses in our system with their Slack handles (to understand who should receive a notification).

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