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Available For:

  • Vendr 2.0

  • Vendr Premium Intelligence

  • Vendr Premium Procurement

Vendr's integration for Slack allows you to get Vendr-related notifications in Slack!

Once you’ve setup the integration, you’ll receive two types of notifications:

Setup is 7 simple steps.

Integration Setup

Note: You must be an Admin User in your Vendr account to connect the integration for Slack.

Step 1

In your Vendr account:

  • Go to the Available Integrations page

  • Scroll down to the Messaging section

  • Find the card for Slack and click Add in the bottom-right of the card

Step 2

You’ll be brought to the next page. Click Begin authentication.

Step 3

This will redirect you to an authentication page.

Step 3a

If you’re NOT already signed into Slack, sign into the Slack Workspace you want to connect the integration to.

Step 3b

If you’re already signed into Slack (or once you sign in according to Step 3a), you’ll see this:

  • You can get more information about what information Vendr will be able to access, as well as what permissions you’re granting Vendr

  • Once you’re satisfied, click Allow.

Step 4

After clicking Allow, you’ll be redirected back into your Vendr account and you’ll land on the integration for Slack page, on the Overview tab.

Here, you can see basic information about the integration (as well as remove it, if you ever want to, using the button in the top right).

Step 5

Click the Configuration tab.

  • You’ll see Enable Notifications is ON by default, so that’s all set.

  • Below that, you’ll see a dropdown menu to Select a Channel for Notifications

Step 6

Click the Select a Channel dropdown and pick the Slack Channel you want:

Note: While some notifications to Slack will either automatically DM or @mention the relevant user (see this help article for more detail), if you want users to see general Vendr updates in the slack channel you select, you must also add those users to that channel from within Slack.

Step 7

That’s it — you've got the integration configured in your Vendr account.

Step 8 - Configure Notification Preferences in Slack

After connecting the integration, there are two ways users can receive notifications via Slack:

  • Public Channel Notifications (you selected this channel in Step 6)

  • Personal/DM Notifications

These may require additional configuration.

Public Slack Channel Notifications:

  • User Involvement

    • Users are not automatically added to this channel

    • Either you add users to the channel or they add themselves

  • Notifications: Includes updates like request updates, contract renewal reminders, etc., but only if enabled by the admin, separate from the request updates.

Personal/DM Slack Notifications:

  • Activation: Once the admin enables the integration, individual users have the option to opt-in or opt-out.

  • Notifications are ON by default for:

    • @mentions

    • Task assignments or reassignments

    • Task reminders

    • Contract renewal reminders

Security / Privacy

For more information about how Vendr will collect, manage, and store third-party data, here's a link to Vendr's Privacy Policy.

Vendr's integration for Slack requires the following permissions:

OAuth Scope: channels:join

Description: Join public channels in a workspace

Reason: So the Vendr app can send automated messages in the customer's selected Slack channel whenever there's an update in Vendr's platform.

OAuth Scope: channels:manage

Description: Manage public channels that Vendr has been added to and create new ones

Reason: So the Vendr app can automatically join and leave channels that notifications want to be sent to, as selected and configured by the user in our platform.

OAuth Scope: channels:read

Description: View basic information about public channels in a workspace

Reason: So customers can select which channels to send messages to, and configure what gets sent where.

OAuth Scope: chat:write

Description: Send messages as @Vendr

Reason: We need this to send the Vendr platform updates (ie., during the purchasing workflow) as channel messages and DMs to people who are assigned certain tasks.

OAuth Scope: groups:read

Description: View basic information about private channels that Vendr has been added to

Reason: So the Vendr App can send automated messages into the customer's selected Slack channel, including a private channel if that's the customer's preference, whenever an update in Vendr's platform happens.

OAuth Scope: im:write

Description: Start direct messages with people

Reason: So the Vendr app can send notifications as DMs whenever a specific user has been assigned to a particular task within a procurement workflow.

OAuth Scope: users:read

Description: View people in a workspace

Reason: So the Vendr app can send notifications and messages that tag workflow task assignees.

OAuth Scope:

Description: View email addresses of people in a workspace

Reason: So we can associate users between email addresses in our system with their Slack handles (to understand who should receive a notification).

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