Automatically sync all of your Okta users into Vendr.

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Available For:

  • Vendr 2.0

  • Vendr Premium Intelligence

  • Vendr Premium Procurement

How it works

The Okta integration syncs your Okta users into Vendr in just a few clicks. Connecting Vendr to your Okta instance lets you quickly deploy Vendr across your entire organization. Whenever a user is added or leaves your organization, they'll automatically be added or removed from your Vendr organization.


  • Automatically provide access to Vendr to all of your employees in a few clicks and keep those users in sync with your Okta directory.

  • Sync employee details like Name, Email, Title, and Manager from Okta to Vendr in just a few clicks.

  • Assign approval steps in procurement requests to an employee's manager.


Installing the Okta integration does not enable SSO. To allow users to sign in using Okta you'll also need to configure SSO. Learn more.


You'll need 2 pieces of information:

  • Your Okta API URL

  • API Token

Getting your API URL

Step 1

Login to your Okta admin portal.

Step 2

You can find your API URL in the top right dropdown menu with your username.

Step 3

Add your API URL into the box in the Okta Integration page in your Vendor account.

Creating your API Token

Step 1

Still in your Admin dashboard, in the main menu on the left-hand side of the page, go to Security > API.

Step 2

Click Create Token, and enter a name for your token in the window that opens.

Step 3

Copy the Token Value and paste that value into the the box in the Okta Integration page in your Vendor account.

Don't Skip This Step!

Don't just click past the window with the token as this is the only time you'll be able to access the token value!

If you do accidentally click past this step, you'll have to create a new token.

When that is complete, it'll take about 24 hours to process before any data will be available/visible. We then recommend reviewing the app bindings and adding any Vendr did not automatically match.

Syncing Users

The integration currently supports syncing over the following standard fields in Okta. Syncing custom attributes from Okta is not currently supported.

Okta Field

Vendr Field


First name


Last name


Primary email






Must be manager id or manager email



Must be manager id or manager email


Direct Reports

This is populated based on the user's assigned Manager in Okta

After Installation

Once the integration is installed, you should start to see People and Product data flow into your account, although it can take up to 24 hours for the initial sync to complete.

If you've got any applications behind SAML SSO, you'll want to confirm that your App Bindings are correct - see how to do that here: App Bindings.

If you're only using regular Google oAuth, you don't need to worry about App Bindings.


  1. Head to the My Integrations page in your account.

  2. Click "Manage" for the integration you wish to remove.

  3. Click the "Remove Integration" button in the top right of the integration details page.

If you'd like to purge all data previously imported, we're happy to help, just contact Support.​

Security / Privacy

For additional detail regarding Okta API token generation, see Okta's documentation.

You may wish to create the token in the context of a special service account to ensure it has the permissions we need (and no more). As of now, we need the following read-only access:

  • "View users and their details” - enumerate users, so we can match to our notion of users

  • "View applications and their details” - enumerate applications, so we can match to our notion of apps

  • "View groups and their details" - determine group membership and app usage by group

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