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Send and automatically upload signed agreements from DocuSign to Vendr

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About this article

Save time by sending DocuSign agreements directly from Vendr workflows and automatically uploading all of your signed agreements directly to Vendr. This article covers the process of installing, configuring, and using the Docusign integration.

How it works

The DocuSign integration saves you time by enabling you to upload and sync agreements like NDAs, MSA, and contracts to and from DocuSign without having to leave Vendr. Create Docusign envelopes directly from your Vendr workflow and when the envelope is signed in DocuSign the integration will automatically take care of syncing back the signed agreement to Vendr for safekeeping and renewal management.

Common uses of the DocuSign integration

Send a DocuSign agreement (NDA, MSA, order form) for signature from a step in a request

Integrate DocuSign to seamlessly send contracts directly from a specific step in your Vendr workflow. This ensures that key documents like Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and Order Forms are sent at the appropriate stage of your procurement process.

Sync a signed DocuSign agreement (NDA, MSA, order form) to a request

Centralize all your signed agreements in Vendr. Automatically sync executed documents, such as Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and Order Forms, directly into requests and agreements. This eliminates the need for manual uploads, streamlining contract management.

The integration only syncs DocuSign envelopes that are stored in your DocuSign account.


To effectively integrate and utilize the DocuSign integration within your Vendr workflows for enhanced document management and procurement processes, you will:


  • Must be a Vendr admin

  • Must be a DocuSign admin

  • Must have a DocuSign paid account

Install the integration

  1. Navigate to admin and select all integrations

  2. Look for the DocuSign integration under Contract Lifecycle Management

  3. Click add and begin authentication to install the integration

  4. Sign into DocuSign and click approve to grant Vendr permission to access your DocuSign account

  5. Select which DocuSign account you'd like to connect to Vendr and click Create integration

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! Your integration is now connected.

Add to a workflow template

After you've successfully installed the integration in the workflow builder, you will see a DocuSign action that you can add as a step in your workflow template.

Create envelope and sync signed document - Allow a requester or a stakeholder to create a DocuSign envelope and send it for signature from within a Vendr step. When the envelope is signed by the counterparty the document is automatically uploaded to Vendr and the step is marked as complete.

Add the DocuSign step

DocuSign steps cannot be skipped manually in a workflow. It's recommended to only include the DocuSign integration in workflow templates that require a DocuSign agreement.

  1. Navigate to admin and select workflow templates

  2. Select the workflow template you'd like to add DocuSign to or create a new one

  3. In the workflow builder, select where you would like to add DocuSign in your workflow process and click the plus icon to add a new step

  4. Select integration and select the DocuSign action to add it to the workflow

  5. Provide a name and description and select who the step should be assigned to

  6. Click Publish changes to save the workflow changes

You can use conditional logic in the workflow builder to only send NDA or MSAs based on answers to questions from the intake. For example, Only show the DocuSign NDA step if the requester answered, "No" to the question do we have an NDA in place?

Complete the Docusign step

When the DocuSign step is ready in the workflow, the assigned user will be required to upload an agreement and send the agreement through DocuSign.

  1. Upload the unsigned agreement you'd like to execute in DocuSign

  2. Click Send to DocuSign

A DocuSign envelope will be created automatically using the uploaded documents.

  1. Add the signature field and any additional fields you need

  2. Add recipient(s)

  3. Add an email subject and a message

  4. Click Send Now to send the envelope to the recipient for signature

Once the envelope is signed in Docusign then

  • The step will be marked as Complete in Vendr

  • The signed document will be uploaded to the step

  • The signed document will be uploaded to the Documents section of the request

  • The document can be used to create a new agreement in Vendr


Installing the integration will grant Vendr the following permissions to your DocuSign account.

πŸ‘οΈ Vendr will be able to view:

  • Data about your envelopes

  • Data about your envelope documents

  • Data about your recipients

  • Data about your sender

  • Data about your DocuSign account

🫳 Vendr will be able to do:

  • Create envelopes

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