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What are Buyer Guides?

The purpose of Vendr's Buyer Guides is to give you the data and insights necessary to help you effectively negotiate the best possible price on an intended SaaS purchase.

We've distilled years of our experience negotiating the best possible SaaS outcomes (average savings of 20% for customers; $3 billion total processed spend) into detailed buying guides that you can use in your SaaS negotiations.

In addition to the Buyer Guides, you can also search our entire catalog and see the Supplier detail page for any Supplier in our system.

How many Buyer Guides do I get access to?

  • Free Accounts

    • All Buyer Guides for Vendr Verified Suppliers

    • One Buyer Guide for a non-Vendr-Verified Supplier

  • Premium Intelligence Add-On

    • All Buyer Guides

For more detailed info about upgrading, see our pricing page.

Buyer Guides Best Practice

The Buyer Guides are intended to assist you after you already have a product in mind and will be less helpful as a product comparison or evaluation tool.

For example:

  • "I'd like to purchase Slack - what are the data and insights that will help me get the best price?" ✅

  • "I need a communication tool - which is better, Slack or Microsoft Teams?" ❌

SaaS Advisory

That said, if you ever have any questions or want to chat with an expert, please don't hesitate to take advantage of our SaaS Advisory service!

Just click SaaS Advisory in the left-hand menu and you'll be connected with one of our expert advisors who will be happy to help however they can.

Where do I find the Buyer Guides?

You can find the Buyer Guides in the Intelligence section of the left-hand menu.

How do Buyer Guides work?

Buyer Guides

On the main Buyer Guides page, you'll see tiles for all the Suppliers we have detailed Buyer Guides for.

Note: Even when we don't have a full Buyer Guide for a Supplier, we've still included as much data and insights as we have on that Supplier's detail page - see Search the Catalog below for more info.

Once you click into a Buyer Guide, you'll see 2 main sections:

  1. Data & Insights

  2. Get free negotiation support (ie., SaaS Advisory)

Data & Insights

These are all on one page so clicking on any of the section headers at the top will bring you directly to that spot on the page.

  • Overview - basic overview of the Supplier; links to site & legal/privacy/security

  • Pricing - detailed breakdown of products & pricing for that Supplier, including which price outcomes are generally achievable

  • Competitors - see the major competitors; links to our Buyer Guide (or Supplier Detail page) for each of those competitors

  • Negotiation - Vendr's insights into which levers you can pull during your negotiation, whether that lever is applicable during a new purchase or renewal (or both), and the likelihood of success of using that lever

  • Resources - other useful links & info (eg., Support terms, Incident History, etc)

Get free negotiation support (ie., SaaS Advisory)

Vendr's SaaS Advisory is a real-time chat with live agents who can provide easily accessible data, insights, and playbooks, as well as connect you with SaaS Consultants for strategic advice and complex deals.

The primary job of the SaaS Advisory is to provide the background expertise necessary to help you effectively negotiate the best possible price on an intended SaaS purchase.

To learn more, see the full SaaS Advisory help article.

Search the Catalog

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search Vendr's entire SaaS Catalog.

When you click into a result, you'll be brought into the Supplier Detail page and will be able to see all the data and insights we have for that Supplier.

Regardless of the amount of data available about that supplier, you'll always be able to use the pricing calculator and chat with an expert.

What are Community Insights?

Vendr's Community Insights is a living repository of buying advice directly from our community of customers and negotiation experts.

We’ve collected the best strategies from 20,000+ deals with billions of processed spend on Vendr’s platform, and new insights are rolling in every day.

Community Insights is the destination for gathering qualitative intelligence on the negotiation process. Paired with Vendr’s quantitative data in the SaaS Catalog, you have everything you need to know about the suppliers you’re working with.

Where do I find Community Insights?

To view Community Insights, find a buyer guide that interests you and click Community on the top navigation bar or scroll to the bottom of the page.

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