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What are Approvals?

Approvals shows you all the steps in your active Requests (both New Purchases & Renewals) that are currently waiting on someone to approve it and move the Request to the next step in the process.

Approvals enables things like:

  • Procurement or operations managers to more easily see which approvals are blocking progress across all requests

  • Team leads to more effectively manage a team queue (i.e. Legal teams)

  • Individual approvers to manage their personal queue.

Where do I find Approvals?

You can find the Approvals in the Procurement section of the left-hand menu.

How do Approvals work?

On the main Approvals page, you'll see three standard (ie. Vendr-managed) views of approvals:

  • My active approvals

  • My upcoming approvals

  • All active approvals


You can configure those views in a few ways:

  1. Filter which rows appear based on different properties

  2. Create and save new views to have fast access to different sets of information

  3. Choose which columns appear using the column configurator & export the table to a .csv file

Create New Views

You can also create new views using the "+" button in the top right of the table - either by duplicating an existing view and modifying the duplicate, or by starting from scratch.

Created views can either be Public or Private.

  • Public views are stored in Vendr and are accessible by everyone at your organization with the appropriate permissions.

  • Private views are stored in the browser data on your computer.

Private Views are Stored Locally!

Clearing your cache, resetting your browser, using a different browser, etc. will erase your private views.

Public views are unaffected by any of the above circumstances.

Configure Column Headers on Views

On any of your views (whether they already existed or you just created it), you can edit which columns appear in that view by using the (Adjust columns) button in the top right of the table.

Click that button and it will open a window where you can:

  • Check/uncheck which columns you want on/off

  • Reorder the columns - top to bottom in this window displays left to right on the view

Click Apply to save changes for that view.

You must edit columns for each view separately.

View Request Details

When you click into an approval, you'll be brought to the request details page.

On this page, the workflow diagram viewer at the top of the page will be centered on the Approval step you clicked from and the Approval step will also be highlighted in the top-right corner of the page.

To learn more, see the full View Request Details section of the Requests help article.

Notifications for Declined Approvals

If an Approval is declined, the notification for that will be sent to the general slack channel your account has configured for your Vendr Slack notifications.

There is no email version of this notification.

See these help articles more information about:

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