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General Settings
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About this Article

This article covers the configuration options in the General settings tab of the Admin page.

Organization Name

This is the name that will appear in the bottom left corner of the Vendr page for all users. Changing this has no impact on email domains or login configurations.

Subscription Details

This section displays your current Vendr products and add-ons.

Click Change plan to learn more about what Vendr offers.

Days before Renewal

This setting determines when Vendr sends out renewal and cancellation reminder notifications, and communicates when renewals and cancellations should be submitted within the app. This field will default to 120 days.

Weekly Renewal Reminders

Vendr will send a weekly notification for upcoming contract renewals with deadlines in the next 120 days for Contract Owners. This applies to contracts with renewal stages of “Not started” and “Cancellation planned”. Users have individual settings to override this.

Upcoming Renewal Summaries

Notify a Slack channel at the beginning of every month about your organization’s upcoming renewals. To change the channel, go to integration settings.

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