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Vendr Release Notes: January 2024
Vendr Release Notes: January 2024
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1/29/2024 - Line Items for Agreements

When uploading a contract and creating an Agreement record in your Vendr account, you can now add Line Items as properties on that Agreement.

After entering the basic details of the contract, click the + Add Line Item button.

Because you'll have already selected the Supplier for that contract, you'll now be able to search for the Product, Tier, or Add-on to include as a Line Item.

It will automatically come back as User License or Non-User License for the type.

Add the rest of the relevant info in the remaining fields, then click Save Line Item and you'll see it appear on the main Add Contract window.

You can continue to add as many line items as you need.

Then finalize the upload by clicking Save Contract.

1/29/2024 - Vendr's 2023 SaaS Trends Report


Check out our 2023 SaaS Trends Report, summarizing a full year of SaaS trends!

Discover the best month to save big and learn which products had the most YoY growth. Our report covers all that and more, including ACV trends, top products, categories, and more.

1/4/2024 - Product Update: "Other" Workflow Template Type


What is it?

Unlike the "New Purchase" and "Renewal" templates, this workflow plan has no required questions or steps so you can use it for procurement-adjacent processes that do not result in contracts, like NDA collection or security reviews.

How does it work?

When clicking the "Create template button on the Workflow Templates page you will see "Other" as a new workflow type. The only requirement you will see is that the template has an intake form by default. This intake form is blank for you to customize as you see fit.

For more details, see this help article.

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