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Upload Documents to Requests via Email

Accelerate your contract workflows by emailing documents for upload

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Upload MSAs, order forms, contracts, and other documents from suppliers without having to log into Vendr.

How it works

Each workflow is assigned a unique email address allowing you to email documents to Vendr. When a document is sent to that email we'll automatically upload it to your request saving you time. This streamlines your procurement process while also ensuring that all of your documents are centrally stored and secure within Vendr.


  • The email sender must be a user in your Vendr org with a matching email domain.

  • The email sender must follow email security best practices and have the following enabled: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

How to use

You can forward any documents including contracts you receive from suppliers simply by emailing them from your favorite email client like Gmail.

  1. Navigate to an active request in Vendr and locate the "Forward documents directly to this workflow with email" section.

2. Click the copy button to copy the email address associated with that request.

3. [Optional] Open your preferred email client and save the email address as a contact in your address book. This will allow you to quickly send documents to this email having to remember the email. Learn how to add contacts for Outlook and Gmail.

4. Add the email address you copied into the To field in your email client.

5. Attach any documents to the email and click send.

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Note

You do not need to include a subject line or a body in the email. You can attach as many documents as you like as long as the total file size is less than 40 MB.

Your email provider or IT Admin may not allow files to be sent larger than 20 MB. If you receive any email bounce errors due to file size limits please consult your IT Admin or Email Provider.

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