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Vendr Product FAQs
Vendr Product FAQs
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How do I export my data from Vendr?

To export data from your Vendr account, navigate to the table you wish to export and click the symbol at the top-right of the table. This will export said table into a .csv file.

For exporting detailed data (eg., documents associated with a specific workflow), you'll need to click into that workflow and then download the individual document you'd like.

Please note: currently, there is no ability to do a mass export of all your data at once. If such a feature is important to you, the best way to let us know is to submit a feature request.

How do I submit a feature request?

  1. Login to your Vendr account

  2. Go to the Feature Ideas page

  3. Click +Submit Idea in the top right

  4. In the window that pops-up...

    1. Describe the functionality you're looking for

    2. Choose the level of importance

    3. Enter your email

    4. Click Submit

Why submit a feature request via the app?

When you submit a feature request via the portal (as opposed to sending it to Support or your Customer Success Manager), there are two key benefits:

  1. It goes directly to our Product team and into the tool they use to identify, manage, and prioritize which features get worked on next - the more they see a desire for a particular feature, the more it gets prioritized.

  2. It lets us keep track of who asked for a particular feature so that, whenever that feature gets released, we can come back and automatically notify everyone who asked for it.

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