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Renewing a Contract
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This article applies to:

  • All Users who own a contract and Admins and Managers

  • All Products

About this Article

This article covers the process of when and how to start a renewal request from an existing contract in Vendr.

When to Start a Renewal Request

If you are the owner of an existing Contract in Vendr, there are a number of ways you will know if an Contract renewal request needs to be started:

  • You may get a notification via email, slack, or in Vendr itself.

  • Your upcoming renewals will be displayed on your Home page

  • You view all upcoming renewals on the Renewals page

If a Contract is past due, you will see a yellow banner along the top of the contract.

Kicking off a Renewal Request

Vendr makes it easy to begin a new renewal process based on your organizations needs. All you have to do as a Contract owner to get started, is find the contract and click the button.

You can start a new renewal request from a few places:

  • The renewal notification itself

  • From renewal line item on the Renewals page

  • From the Contract itself

How to start a Renewal request

  1. Click the Start renewal request button on the right side of the Contract or the Renewal line item on the Renewals page

  2. Answer the question on the Intake form (these are defined by whomever oversees procurement at your organization)

  3. Click the Submit request button on the bottom of the last question

Congrats! Your request has been submitted. Tasks will be assigned to the responsible parties, likely some may be assigned to you, so keep an eye out for Tasks due on your Home page. You will also receive notifications (if configured) for upcoming tasks when it's time to take action.


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