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Spend Reporting FAQs
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What ERPs do we support?

We support QuickBooks, Sage, and NetSuite.

Is accrual-based spend reporting free?

No, accrual-based spend reporting is typically offered as part of a premium procurement package. It is an investment in your financial management that can provide significant returns in terms of cost savings and efficiency gains.

What can I expect the setup process to be?

The setup process involves permissions as outlined in our integration setup documents for NetSuite, Sage, and QuickBooks. Once permissions are enabled, you can specify which suppliers to include and exclude any sensitive data. We only bring in transactions associated with the suppliers you grant access to.

What types of reports do you support?

We support two different styles of reporting:

  • An accrual-based report, which allows you to see an amortized schedule in comparison with your contracted spend to better answer questions such as "Am I overpaying or underpaying?"

  • A cash-based or invoiced report that allows you to view a trailing 12-month view or timeline bound to an existing contract to understand your total number of invoices over that given time, when you received them, and how much they were for, to answer questions such as "Have I been invoiced for a supplier?"

What is accrual-based spend reporting?

Accrual-based reports are built using journal entries from your ERP. We associate structured data within your ERP with an existing supplier and use journal entries to view actual expense expenses over time.

How does accrual-based spend reporting benefit my contracted spend management?

Accrual-based spend reporting offers several benefits for managing contracted spend, including real-time visibility into your commitments, proactive spend management to optimize your expenses, strengthened vendor relationships through transparent discussions, and strategic alignment of your spend with your business objectives.

Can accrual-based spend reporting help me identify overspending or underutilization in my contracts?

Yes, one of the key advantages of accrual-based spend reporting is its ability to provide detailed insights into your spending patterns. This allows you to identify areas where you may be overcommitted or underutilizing your contracts, enabling you to take corrective action and optimize your spend.

How are invoiced or cash-based reports built?

Invoiced or cash-based reports are built by aggregating other transaction types, such as credit cards, vendor bills, and expense reports, across time to better understand your cash flow.

Is this integration a one-way process?

Yes, this is a one-way integration. We only read data from your ERP without writing any data back into it. This ensures the integrity and security of your financial data while providing valuable insights for your spend management.

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