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Working with Custom Suppliers and Custom Products
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About this Article

Sometimes you may want to add a supplier or product to Vendr that isn't in our catalog. There are a few reasons you may run into this:

  • It is a non-saas product

  • It may be a new or rebranded product

This article covers how to add custom items and when you should use them vs. reaching out to support to have it added to the catalog.

Is it SaaS?

If the item you are looking to add is a SaaS product, reach out to [email protected] or chat with us to request that we add it. You will need the supplier and product name and the URL. Most requests are complete in a day or two. If it is SaaS, especially if you would like to leverage Vendr's negotiation support, it must be added to the catalog by Vendr.


Negotiation support is not available for custom products and suppliers.

Adding custom products and suppliers

If you are looking to map spend data to a Supplier that isn't in our catalog, or if you are simply looking to track non-SaaS resources in Vendr, adding a custom product or supplier is the solution.

Adding custom suppliers

  1. From the Supplier page click the purple Add supplier button on the top right corner of the page

  2. Type the name of the supplier

  3. Click Add new supplier "company xyz"

  4. Fill out additional details as needed

  5. Click Add supplier

Adding custom products

  1. Navigate to the supplier you wish to add a custom product to, this will usually be a custom supplier

  2. Click + Add product on the Products section of the Overview page

  3. Fill out the form

  4. Click Add product

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