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Based on your preferred authentication strategy, Vendr can be configured to use an Identity Provider's SSO capabilities.

By default, the login mechanism is to enter your email and then click on a one-time login link sent to that email.

However, if an admin in your account has configured SSO login, simply enter your email and click Log in and you'll be automatically routed to the best authentication method for your account.

Our UI can guide you through the installation process; additionally, you can find provider-specific SSO configuration instructions below.

Once you've configured SSO, and verified that it works as expected, you can optionally enforce the new provider as the only source of authentication. This is controlled from the same settings page you used to set up 3rd party SSO.

For specific setup instructions, please see the appropriate help article below.

Vendr can support any SAML-based SSO Provider. If your SSO provider is not listed, you can contact [email protected] for assistance.

SSO Setup Articles

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