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We're here to help!

With Vendr, there are a few different types of support you might need:

  • Application / Technical support (eg., need help with a feature, bug, etc.)

  • Onboarding support

  • Legal, Privacy, or Security questions

Onboarding Support

If you need support during your Onboarding process, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager.

Legal, Privacy, Security Questions

For legal and privacy resources, please visit

Otherwise, please reach out to one of the following emails:

Application / Technical support

  • We're real humans standing by to help!

  • Support chat hours are Mon-Fri, from 8AM to 5PM (Eastern Time, UTC-5)

  • Your best option is to use the in-app chat widget to message us directly

  • Alternatively, you can always email: [email protected]

Using In-App Chat

  1. Click Help in the bottom-left of your browser window.

  2. Click Chat with us at the top of the menu that opens.

  3. Click Send us a message in the Help Center widget.

  4. Click through the appropriate prompts to help us collect basic info.

  5. Then you'll be able describe the issue you need help with.

  6. Once you send your initial message, you'll be able to attach files (screenshots, screen recordings, etc.) using the little paperclip icon or by simply dragging and dropping the file into the chat window.

  7. You'll also get a notification letting you know you'll get replies in the in-app chat as well as in your email -- you can reply to either one, whatever is easier for you.

Screenshots, Recordings, & Browser Logs

We love receiving screen recordings, screenshots, and browser logs! Anything that helps us see what you're seeing is incredibly helpful.

If we need you to send us a browser HAR log, use the following steps to collect it.

How to collect a browser HAR log:

  1. Open a new incognito window on your browser.

  2. On an empty space in the browser, right-click > Inspect. (For Safari, you may need to enable developer tools.)

  3. Click on the Network tab. Check the Preserve Log checkbox to record all actions.

  4. Navigate inside your app and recreate the error.

  5. On the Network tab, right-click and 'Save All as HAR with content'.

Looking for SaaS Advisory?

SaaS Advisory is a real-time chat with live agents who can provide easily accessible data, insights, and playbooks, as well as connect you with SaaS Consultants for strategic advice and complex deals. The primary job of the SaaS Advisory will be to provide the background expertise necessary to help you effectively negotiate the best possible price on an intended SaaS purchase.

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