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The Teams functionality allows you to designate a specific set of people as a Team.

Teams can be assigned to workflow steps that might have a group of approvers instead of an individual (i.e. Infosec, legal, finance, etc.)

Any time a workflow step is assigned to a Team, every person within that team will receive a notification about that assignment and any person in the team can complete the assignment.

Manage Your Teams

Click Admin on the bottom of the left sidebar then click Teams.

Create a Team

  1. Click Create team

  2. Enter a Team Name

  3. Enter a brief description (optional)

  4. Click the text box under Add assignees

  5. Add all relevant individuals by browsing or searching by name

  6. Click Create

Edit a Team

  1. Click the name of an existing Team

  2. Add a person using the search bar at the top

  3. Remove a person using the 3 dots to the right of their name

Delete a Team

Click the three dots to the right of the team name, then click Remove

Assigning a Team to a Workflow Step

  1. Navigate to the workflow template you want to edit

  2. Click View on the template to edit it

  3. Click into a workflow step and click the Assign to field. Change the assignee to Team.

  4. In the Select team dropdown, choose the appropriate team

  5. Click Publish changes to save

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