Contract Renewal Reminders
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Renewal reminders are notifications about upcoming Contract renewals in your Vendr account.

A few things to note:

  • Renewal Reminders are enabled by default in your account, and the default setting is 120 days ahead of the Renewal Deadline (this can be adjusted, see below)

  • Reminders are emailed to Contract Owners on a weekly basis (Tuesdays 9am ET) with a link to the relevant Contracts and Renewal Workflow intake forms.

  • We send reminders out for any contracts with a Renewal Deadline in the future. Renewal Deadline is the End Date of the contract OR the last day to opt-out of auto-renewal if the contract has the clause.

  • Admins can install the integration for Slack for their organization to have renewal reminders sent as DM’s in Slack to Contract Owners. The user’s Slack email address, must match the Contract Owner email address.

Opt-Out of Renewal Reminders

If you'd like to opt-out of renewal reminders for your account, please Contact Support.


  • Opting-out is for your entire account

  • There is currently no per-User or per-Contract opt-out

What does receiving a Renewal Reminder look like?

Renewal Reminders are sent to Contract Owners.

As a Contract Owner, you'll receive a Renewal Reminder for any Contracts that are:

  • Within your Renewal Reminder window

  • Have not yet started a Renewal Workflow

You'll get a slightly different looking reminder depending on whether it's reminding you about a single contract or multiple contracts:

Single Contract

Multiple Contracts

How to Setup Renewal Reminders

Renewal Reminders are enabled by default for your account, set at 120 days ahead of the Renewal Deadline.

To adjust this timeframe, follow these steps:

Note: You must be an Admin User in your Vendr account to adjust Renewal Reminders.

  1. Go to the Admin > Organization page in your Vendr account.

  2. On the Organization tab, you'll see a "Contract Renewal Reminders" section.

  3. Enter the number of days ahead of the Renewal Deadline you want your reminders sent and click Save.

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