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Streamline the contract review process by allowing users to initiate contract workflows directly from Vendr.

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About this article

Streamline the contract review process by allowing users to initiate contract workflows directly from Vendr. This article covers the process of installing, configuring, and using the Ironclad integration.

How it works

The Ironclad integration streamlines the contract review process by allowing your users to initiate contract workflows directly from Vendr, reducing manual steps and accelerating approvals. When the Ironclad workflow is completed and the contract is signed the agreement is automatically uploaded to Vendr providing a more efficient and streamlined contract management process.

Common uses of the Ironclad integration

Complete your legal approvals within Ironclad

Enable your legal team to continue using Ironclad for their approval processes without the need to log into Vendr. Leverage your existing Ironclad workflows to manage and sync approval decisions back to Vendr for your procurement workflow.

Use Vendr to kickoff your agreement redlines process in Ironclad

Start your legal review and redline process directly from Vendr, streamlining the initiation of agreements and reducing manual steps.

Sync signed agreements (NDA, MSA, order form) to requests

Centralize all your signed agreements in Vendr. Automatically sync executed documents, such as Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and Order Forms, directly into requests and agreements. This eliminates the need for manual uploads, streamlining contract management.

Due to limitations of the Ironclad API the Vendr integration does not support the following:

  • Dropdown fields - Ironclad dropdown fields are displayed as text fields in Vendr.

  • Conditional fields - Ironclad conditional fields are always displayed in Vendr.

You may need to adjust or simplify your Ironclad workflows for an optimal experience.


To effectively integrate and utilize the Ironclad integration within your Vendr workflows to streamline your contract management and procurement processes, you will:


  • Must be an admin in Vendr

  • Must be an Ironclad admin

  • Your Ironclad tenant must include the Ironclad API module. This is typically sold as a separate add-on.

Install the integration

  1. Navigate to admin and select all integrations

  2. Look for the Ironclad integration under Contract Lifecycle Management.

  3. Click Integrate to install the integration.

  4. In the requesting data access modal select Continue

  5. Enter as the subdomain and click submit.

  6. Log in to your Ironclad instance and from the right-hand corner select your user profile and then select Company Settings

7. Select API from the left sidebar and then Access Tokens

If you do not see the API or Access Tokens section you may not be an admin in Ironclad or you may not have purchased the API Access Module. Contact your Ironclad support representative or Ironclad admin for help.

8. In the Create New Token section provide a brief description of how the API token will be used, for example: Vendr Integration.

9. Click Create and copy the token

10. Navigate back to Ironclad integration setup page in Vendr and paste the API token you just created.

11. Select Continue to grant Vendr permission to your Ironclad instance and then click Finish.

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! Your integration is now connected.


If the integration returns an error message you likely have a custom domain in Ironclad and will need to provide your custom domain during the install process. Learn more about configuring your integration with customs domains.

Add to a workflow template

After you've successfully installed the integration in the workflow builder, you will see a DocuSign action that you can add as a step in your workflow template.

  1. Navigate to the workflow template page and create a new workflow template or modify an existing one

  2. In the workflow builder, click the plus icon on the section of the workflow where you would like to kick off the Ironclad workflow. If you already have a legal step in your workflow we recommend deleting that step and replacing it with Ironclad.

  3. Provide a title and description and assign the step to a user

  4. Select integration and look for Ironclad in the side panel and click Select

  5. Under Select an Ironclad workflow select the Ironclad workflow you wish to launch when the requester reaches this step in the workflow

  6. Enter the email address of an existing Ironclad user. When Vendr launches the Ironclad workflow we'll use this user profile to launch the Ironclad workflow from.

  7. Click done and save to update your workflow

The Ironclad user selected configured must be an active user in your Ironclad instance. When a new workflow is created in Ironclad this user account will be used as the workflow initiator. We recommend creating a dedicated service account user for your Vendr Ironclad integration.

You can use conditions in the workflow builder alongside the Ironclad integration to only display specific Ironclad steps for MSAs or NDAs based on answers to questions from the intake or from previous steps in the workflow. e.g. Only show the Ironclad NDA step if the requester answered, "No" to the question do we have an NDA in place?

Complete the Ironclad step

When the Ironclad step is ready in the workflow, the assigned user will be required to complete the Ironclad workflow questions which create an Ironclad workflow with the data the user provided in the step form fields along with the intake questions and answers.

  1. Upload any documents

  2. Complete the required form fields

  3. Click Launch Ironclad workflow

After the workflow is created in Ironclad the status of the step will transition to In progress to denote that the agreement is under review.

Once the workflow is completed in Ironclad then

  • The step will be marked as Complete in Vendr

  • The signed document will be uploaded to the step

  • The signed document will be uploaded to the Documents section of the request

  • The document can be used to create a new agreement in Vendr.


Installing the integration will grant Vendr the following permissions to your Ironclad account.

πŸ‘οΈ Vendr will be able to view

  • Data about your users

  • Data about your workflows

  • Data about your documents

🫳 Vendr will be able to do

  • Create Ironclad workflows

  • Create documents


Install using a custom domain

If the base URL domain of your Ironclad account when you sign-is is not you likely have a custom domain. Possible domains include,, You'll need to include the domain that you use to sign into Ironclad. If you have purchased a separate custom sandbox instance, this would be your custom base URL domain.

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