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Let's roll out Vendr Premium Intelligence!

The purpose of this resource is to help your team get the most value out of Vendr! Check out our best practices and tools to launch Premium Intelligence at your organization.

Introduce our team to Vendr

Customize the email template below to introduce your organization to Vendr! We recommend including an internal wiki page about Vendr in the introduction email. Materials are below to help you build a great internal resource!

✉️ Vendr Introduction Email Template


Introducing Vendr Premium Intelligence


Hi team,

We are excited to announce the launch of Vendr Premium Intelligence! We now have direct access to data and insights that empower our organization to drive better SaaS purchasing outcomes within our procurement process. Vendr provides us with a wealth of data on pricing and suppliers and a direct line to Vendr's negotiation experts.

Who is Vendr?

Vendr helps the world's best companies buy the right SaaS at the best price. Vendr leverages data to help our organization save time and money from over $3 billion in SaaS spend resulting in $400M saved across their 500+ customers. Learn more about Vendr here!

When should I use Premium Intelligence?

Every time you are evaluating a SaaS tool (or even thinking about one), visit to read the supplier's Buyer Guide, ask questions using the SaaS Advisory chat, and track your upcoming renewals in the Agreements section. Vendr sends renewal reminder emails starting 120 days out from a contract end date.

Next Steps

Getting Started Resources

Thank you!

Create an Internal Vendr Guide

We recommend building an internal wiki page to help your organization navigate the procurement process with Premium Intelligence. Here are some helpful resources below to leverage.

Getting Started Resources

Template Slides to Use

Please download a copy of the slides below to share with your team as part of your company rollout strategy!

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