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How to Manage Document Versions
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Navigating through different versions of a document can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring that you're always working with the most current version.

At Vendr, we understand the importance of streamlining this process, particularly for stakeholders in legal, finance, and procurement roles. Our document versioning feature is designed to make tracking and managing the evolution of documents straightforward and efficient.

The document versioning feature allows users to:

  • upload new versions of an existing document

  • view all versions

  • access different versions

  • understand which version is the most current

This guide will help you utilize these features to ensure you're always working with the right version of any document.

Uploading a New Version of a Document

  1. Navigate to the Document: Find the original document in Vendr to which you want to add a new version.

  2. Upload New Version: Click on the "Upload New Version" button. You can now select and upload the updated document. Vendr automatically tags this as the latest version.

Associate as a Current Version

Occasionally, a document may be uploaded as a standalone file rather than a new version of an existing document. You can easily correct this:

  1. Select the Document: Choose the document you need to re-associate.

  2. Reparent Option: Use the "Associate" feature to link it as a new version of the existing document.

Identifying the Most Recent Version

Vendr ensures the most recent version of a document is always easy to identify:

  • The most current version is automatically marked as with the current version number and is the default view when accessing a document's versions.

  • Details like the upload date and version number help distinguish the latest version from others.

Accessing and Navigating Between Versions

  • Version Dropdown: Use the version dropdown menu to switch between different versions of a document.

  • This feature enables you to compare changes or revert to earlier versions if needed.

Removing a Version

Should you need to remove a version of a document:

  1. Select Version: Choose the version you wish to delete.

  2. Remove Option: Use the remove option to remove it. Vendr automatically adjusts the version numbering to reflect this change, maintaining a coherent version history.

Tracking Document Changes

For every new version uploaded, Vendr captures critical information:

  • Uploader Information: See who uploaded a new version and when providing transparency and accountability.

  • This is visible in the history section for suppliers and contracts.


Vendr’s document versioning system is designed to simplify the management of document evolutions, enhancing productivity and ensuring accuracy across your procurement activities. For further assistance or inquiries, please contact Support.

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