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The Help menu can be found in the lower left-hand corner of your browser window.

There are either 2 or 3 options in the menu (depending on whether or not you've hidden/completed your onboarding page):

  • Customer Support - opens Support chat in the bottom right corner of your screen

  • Onboarding - if you've hidden your account Onboarding page, you'll see it here

  • Feature ideas - brings you to the Feature Ideas page, where you can review/upvote existing feature ideas, as well as submit your own

If you click Customer Support, you'll open up the support chat window in the bottom-right of your screen.

What's in the support chat window?

  • Home - has embedded quick links for:

    • Chat with us (SaaS Advisory & Technical Support)

    • Vendr Status

    • Search the help articles

    • News

  • Messages - see all your messages with Vendr (both SaaS Advisory & Tech Support)

    • Click Chat with us to start a new message with one of 3 departments:

        • Help me negotiate a new purchase & Analyze my SaaS contract

      • Technical Support

        • I need help using Vendr

      • Sales

        • Talk to sales

    • SaaS Advisory & Technical Support Hours of Operation

      • SaaS Advisory: Monday - Friday, from 9am-5pm (Eastern Time, UTC -5)

      • Tech. Support: Monday - Friday, from 8pm-5pm (Eastern Time, UTC -5)

  • Help - search our help articles

  • News - we can notify you about stuff like new product updates, etc.

Legal, Privacy, and Security Questions

For legal and privacy resources, please visit

Otherwise, please reach out to one of the following emails:

Technical Support

Depending on what you need help with and the product tier you're on, you've got the option to either self-serve (via searching our help articles or using our AI support chatbot, Fin) or get connected with a human.

Screenshots, Recordings, & Browser Logs

We love receiving screen recordings, screenshots, and browser logs! Anything that helps us see what you're seeing is incredibly helpful.

If we need you to send us a browser HAR log, use the following steps to collect it.

How to collect a browser HAR log:

  1. Open a new incognito window on your browser.

  2. On an empty space in the browser, right-click > Inspect. (For Safari, you may need to enable developer tools.)

  3. Click on the Network tab. Check the Preserve Log checkbox to record all actions.

  4. Navigate inside your app and recreate the error.

  5. On the Network tab, right-click and 'Save All as HAR with content'.

SaaS Advisory

For more information about SaaS Advisory, please see our SaaS Advisory help article.

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