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What if my Contract isn't renewing?
What if my Contract isn't renewing?
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About This Article

If you have received an upcoming renewal request or are simply aware that a contract that you are responsible for isn't renewing, you will want to signify that on the contract in Vendr. This article covers how to complete this process.

Why Should I do This?

A clear picture of all active SaaS and SaaS spend is critical to a fiscally healthy organization. Vendr makes managing this information easier than ever, but it requires all stakeholders to maintain the accuracy of the SaaS under their responsibility.

Marking a Contract as "Will Not Renew."

  1. Navigate to the relevant Contract from the link in the email notification or the Agreements page

  2. Click the carat icon next to the purple Start renewal request button

  3. Click Will not renew from the pop up menu

  4. Recommended: Use our provided email template to inform the supplier of your intent to cancel

Important note! Marking the contract as "will not renew" does not inform the supplier or Vendr! It is your responsibility to communicate your intent, use our email template as a starting point.

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