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Approving a Step in Vendr
Approving a Step in Vendr
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About This Article

In Vendr, a workflow is a collection of steps. Steps are assigned to individuals or teams who are responsible for approving steps in an organization's procurement process. This article covers what to do if you or your team have been assigned ownership of a step.

How do I know if a Step has been assigned to me?

There are three main ways to know if you have a step to approve in Vendr:

  • You will receive a notification in email, Slack, and/or in-app.

  • You can see all your assigned, active steps on the My open tasks section of your Vendr Home page.

  • You will see a new row in the My approvals tab on the Approvals page.

Note: You may also be assigned steps as a part of a Team, (i.e. infosec, legal, etc.)
The approval process is the same except that anyone on that team can approve the step.

I've received a notification, now what?

Completing a Step in Vendr

  1. Click on the Step requiring attention. You can do this from the notification itself, the Home page, or the Approvals page.

  2. Review the step instructions thoroughly. You may be required to answer questions, complete tasks, or upload files. You will need to complete those tasks before you can approve the step.

  3. When you're ready, click Approve or Decline. This will move the workflow forward or stop it from continuing, respectively.

Important: If you Decline a step, the entire workflow stops progressing and cannot be restarted.

Make sure you are ready when you click Approve or Decline as this action cannot be undone.

Congratulations! Your job is done and the next person or team is ready to approve their step in the workflow. Return to your Home screen to see if there are any other outstanding tasks that need your attention.

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