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Buyer Guides Frequently Asked Questions
Buyer Guides Frequently Asked Questions
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Who can access Buyer Guides?

Buyer Guides are available to all customers.

Free users are able to unlock 3 free buyer guides.
Premium procurement customers are able to view all Vendr Verified buyer guides and unlock one additional buyer guide as well.

How are Buyer Guides created?

Buyer Guides are created by our experienced SaaS Consultants. They use their personal insights and experience to build the content in each Buyer Guide. For those suppliers that are a part of our Vendr Verified program, our SaaS Consultants collaborate with our Vendr Verified team.

How often are Buyer Guides updated?

We update Buyer Guides whenever we receive a notification of a insight that should be shared with our customers and users. Formally, Buyer Guides are updated by our SaaS Consultants on a quarterly basis - this involves reviewing pricing data and ensuring that all insights are up to date.

Where do we get the data for our pricing tables?

We build these pricing tables by analyzing recently completed contracts in our database. This is a manual process - we pull individual contracts and compile SKU level data for analysis. We only showcase SKUs that are highly purchased by our customer base.

Where can I share feedback on Buyer Guides?

Please chat with Support or email us at [email protected]

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