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Step 2: Get SaaS Pricing Data and Insights

An overview of how to access Vendr’s pricing data and insights.

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How do you know if you are overpaying for software? What benchmarking are you using at your organization to ensure you have the right price and terms? With Vendr’s pricing data and insights, you can say goodbye to buying blind.


Learn how to ensure you’re getting the best pricing and terms by taking advantage of Vendr’s data to make smarter software purchasing decisions.

Buyer Guides

What are Buyer Guides?

Vendr's Buyer Guides provide you with the data and insights you need to effectively negotiate the best possible price for your intended SaaS purchase.

We've distilled years of experience negotiating the best SaaS outcomes, resulting in average savings of 20% for customers and a total processed spend of $4 billion. Our detailed buying guides empower you to make informed decisions during your SaaS negotiations.

Where do I find the Buyer Guides?

You can find the Buyer Guides in the Intelligence section of the side bar.

How do Buyer Guides work?

Buyer Guides are dynamic pages that provide a plethora of data and insights on SaaS suppliers and are available to access at any time. Once you click into a Buyer Guide, you'll see:

  1. Vendr's data & insights, which cover:

    • Overview

    • Pricing

    • Competitors

    • Negotiation Insights

    • Considerations

    • Community

    • Resources

  2. Get free negotiation support (ie: SaaS Advisory)

Sharing Buyer Guides

If you're part of a team making a new purchase or renewing a tool, you can share the buyer guide by clicking the Share this buyer guide button on the right side of the page. You can share it with as many people as you want, as long as they use the same email domain as you. Once you share it, your coworkers will get an email with a link to the guide in the Vendr portal.

Vendr Verified

What is Vendr Verified?

Vendr Verified is an invite-only program connecting software buyers with trusted software products, providing great prices and peace of mind. These Suppliers are leading software solutions with high satisfaction and low churn across Vendr’s customer base.

The Suppliers agree that it should be fast, fair and transparent to buy SaaS, and therefore come with our Vendr Verified Great Price and Satisfaction Guarantee.

If anyone at your organization is looking for a new solution - the first place they should look is the Vendr Verified catalog to see if there is an option that meets their needs. This is where the best suppliers and prices are located!

How do I know who is Vendr Verified?

Vendr Verified Sellers are visible in your Vendr portal by toggling on the “Vendr Verified” filter within the Buyer Guides tab.

Vendr Verified Buyer Benefits

Vendr customers get the Great Price and Satisfaction Guarantee whenever you make a net-new purchase with a Vendr Verified Seller.

  • Great Price Guarantee: Vendr will review Supplier quotes and work with both parties to stamp a final quote as a “Great Price” based on our data. If you find another company got a better price for a similar scope, Vendr will credit you a refund for the difference.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you purchase, implement, use, and then determine the product is not meeting your needs, you can claim a refund credit from Vendr.

Additionally, leveraging Vendr for an introduction to a Verified Seller will ensure the best possible buying experience.

Vendr Verified Process

The following are the required steps to qualify for benefits on an eligible Vendr Verified purchase:

If you’ve not yet connected with the Seller:

  1. Leverage Vendr for an introduction to the Seller. This ensures the best possible Buyer experience. You can do this one of two ways:

    • Submit a new purchase request to launch a workflow

    • Start a SaaS Advisory chat

  2. Once the introduction has been made, Vendr will assist in getting your quote to a “Great Price”, and stamp it as such.

  3. Execute the agreement, and submit a signed order form via SaaS Advisory or the workflow, so we know the purchase was made.

If you are already engaged with a Seller:

  1. Submit a draft quote via SaaS Advisory or a workflow, and Vendr will assist in getting your quote to a “Great Price”, and stamp it as such.

  2. Execute the agreement, and submit a signed order form via SaaS Advisory or the workflow, so we know the purchase was made.

Next, we'll walk through how you can dig deeper with Vendr's SaaS Consulting experts.

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