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Feature Ideas - Overview

Feature Ideas is a portal that is connected directly to the tool our Product team uses to manage our product.

The portal provides 2 key pieces of functionality:

  • Vendr can keep you updated about possible, upcoming, and new features

  • You can provide feedback to Vendr

    • Either about features already shown in the portal

    • Or simply by clicking the button to submit an idea you don't already see listed

Closing the loop with you

When you submit feedback (either on existing cards or as an entirely new idea), our product management tool automatically keeps track of every user who submitted that feedback.

Whenever we then work on or launch a feature that addresses what you asked for, we're able to automatically send you a notification that says, "Hey, that thing you asked for? We're testing/launched it!"

There are three tabs in the portal:

  • Under Consideration

  • Beta

  • Launched

When something gets updated by our Product team in the tool on their end (eg., a new feature gets released to beta testing), you're able to see that inside the portal.

See Existing Feature Ideas

Each feature gets a card. When you click on that card, you'll be able to:

  • See a brief description of the feature

  • Vote on how important this feature is for you

    • Not Important

    • Nice-to-Have

    • Important

    • Critical

Submit New Feature Ideas

To submit a new idea, click the +Submit Idea button in the top right of the page.

  • You'll need to:

    1. Provide a description

    2. Choose an option for how important it is to you

      • Not Important

      • Nice-to-Have

      • Important

      • Critical

    3. Click Submit

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