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Requesting New Software in Vendr
Requesting New Software in Vendr
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About this Article

Welcome to Vendr! This article covers the process of requesting a new purchase in Vendr. Learn about starting a renewal request here.

Why Should I Purchase Software in Vendr?

There are many reasons your organization may have chosen to move their procurement process to Vendr. For an individual looking to make a new purchase, getting the right product and the right price is key. Vendr helps you accomplish that with detailed Buyer Guides and expert advice.

Finding the Right Product

If you know exactly what you are going to purchase, you can click the purple New request button on the top right corner of your Home page or the Requests page.

If you haven't made a final decision yet, click Buyer Guides on the left sidebar and use the search bar to look up and learn about suppliers and products in our database.

Even better, you can toggle Vendr Verified to see suppliers where we can guarantee a great price, a fast process, and satisfaction with your purchase.

Start a Purchase Request

  1. Click the purple New request on the top right corner of the Home or Requests pages

  2. Complete the intake form (this form will vary depending on your organization's procurement process)

  3. Click Submit request on the bottom right of the last question in the form

Congrats! Your request has been submitted. Tasks will now be assigned to the relevant parties and stakeholders - likely some to you, keep any eye out for notifications and the My open tasks section of the Home page.

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