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Managing Line Items for Contracts
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About this Article

You can now add Line Items as properties on a Contract. This article will cover the process of adding and editing line items on Contracts.

Why is this Important?

Contracts are often for more than one product, and may include add-ons or other items. This data is critical to managing an accurate renewal calendar, a clear renewal process, and maintaining a clear picture of what software your organization is spending money on.

How to Work with Line Items

You can manage your line items upon uploading a new Contract, completing a Renewal request, or at any time by editing a Contract.

After entering the basic details of the contract, click the + Add Line Item button.

Because you'll have already selected the Supplier for that contract, you'll now be able to search for the Product, Tier, or Add-on to include as a Line Item.

It will automatically come back as User License or Non-User License for the type.

Add the rest of the relevant info in the remaining fields, then click Save Line Item and you'll see it appear on the main Add Contract window.

You can continue to add as many line items as you need.

Then finalize the upload by clicking Save Contract.

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