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Uploading a Contract
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About This Article

This article covers the process of uploading a contract to your Vendr database.

Before You Begin

Contract Vs. Subscription

A Contract usually has a signed agreement with a clear end date and a term length of one year or more.

Subscriptions are purchased with a credit card, typically billed monthly with no definitive end date and can be cancelled at any time.

You will need a digital copy of you contract or order form and any additional information you may need to properly record and categorize it.

To begin, click Agreements on the sidebar.

Upload your contract

  1. Click the purple Add agreement button on the top right corner of the screen

  2. Click Contract on the top of the right hand pop-out

  3. Drag the contract document into the attachment window, or click on it to browse your computer

  4. Fill out all relevant fields to match your contract

    • Purchase information

      • These are the primary contract data points, such as contract value, start and end dates, terms, etc.

    • Line items

      • This section is where you add itemized pricing related to the contract.

    • Related contracts

      • If the previous, or upcoming contracts are not already linked, you can add them here.

    • Contract owners

      • Whichever individual(s) on your team are responsible for the managment of this contract should be added here.

  5. Click the purple Save contract button on the bottom right corner of the page

Congrats! Your contract has been created.

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