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Company Rollout Kit - Premium Procurement
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Let's roll out Vendr Premium Procurement!

The purpose of this document is to help you get the most value out of Vendr and will be a living document with resources to help you enable your organization.

Getting Started

Roles & User Access

Inform your organization about how user access is structured so they can see the bigger picture of how your team is leveraging and optimizing Vendr for procurement! As an Admin you can invite users and assign roles through the User Access tab in your settings.


Has full access to the entire account

  • Manage users

  • Manage integrations

  • Add/edit/archive anyone and anything in your account without restriction


  • Do everything the Admin role can except:

    • Manage integrations

    • Manage user access


  • Access all items under the "Intelligence" module

  • View requests and manage approval of tasks

  • View contracts they are the owner of via the Agreements tab


  • Access all items under the "Intelligence" module

  • Make requests and view request status

  • View contracts they are the owner of in Agreements


  • Access only the items under the "Intelligence" module

  • View contracts they are the owner of on the Agreements page

Note: The Researcher role is great for Department heads or anyone looking to procure new Software for their team!

Introduce new team members to Vendr

Use these pre-populated resources to inform your organization about Premium Procurement.

✉️ Vendr Introduction Email Template

Customize the email template below to introduce your organization to Vendr!


Introducing Vendr Premium Procurement Platform


Hi team,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new procurement platform, Vendr Premium Procurement. We are launching Vendr as our intake-to-procure platform starting today. We've partnered with Vendr to help our organization save time and money.

Who is Vendr?

Vendr helps the world's best companies buy the right SaaS at the best price. Vendr leverages data to help our organization save time and money from over $3 billion in SaaS spend resulting in $400M saved across their 500+ customers. Learn more about Vendr here!

When should I use Vendr?

Every time you are evaluating a SaaS tool (or even thinking about one), visit to read the supplier's Buyer Guide, ask questions using the SaaS Advisory chat, and kick off a workflow for a new purchase or renewal request. Vendr sends renewal reminder emails starting 120 days out from a contract end date.

Next Steps

  • Log in to

  • Please take a look at the Agreements page to see your upcoming contracts.

  • Explore Buyer Guides, launch a SaaS Advisory chat, and submit your first request for a renewal or new purchase.

Getting Started Resources

Thank you!

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